Over the break I thought a lot about the decision to eliminate the implementation of an app from my thesis. However, I am back on the app train. It allows the device functionality to be much more robust and versatile. Unlike, the previous iteration of the FitNest app, this version will work in conjunction with the climbing hold wall (need a proper name for that). First of all, the holds will now be installed on a modular system that allows them to be moved/rearranged by the user. Then with the app, users will be able to visualize various hold arrangements and route instructions through augmented reality.


Putting the holds on hold, I shifted my attention to the furniture piece that doubles as exercise equipment. In contrast to traditional fitness equipment that stays stowed away in closets or garages, the idea for this piece is that it will fit seamlessly into the decor of a modern interior. This makes it easily accessible to the user promoting both impromptu and planned exercise at home. Below are renderings of the preliminary bench design which includes a set of adjustable dumbbells, a foam roller and a fitness mat.


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